Community Outreach

College Chapter Relations

College Chapter Relations assists the student SHPE chapters in running an effective organization by ensuring there is communication between student and professional chapters. Help provide valuable advice and assistance through the mentorship of the Professional Chapter. SHPE at LM Aero has a strong working relationship with the University of Texas at Arlington, University of North Texas, University of Texas at Dallas, University of Texas-Pan American, University of Texas-Brownsville, Texas A&M, Toluca TECH, University of Texas at El Paso, and the El Paso Community College.

High School Chapter Relations
High School Chapter Relations primary objective is to help advance the number of high school seniors attending a four year college or technical vocation with emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math majors. These activities focus on establishing and sustaining SHPE Jr. Chapters in local high schools. Currently, SHPE at LM Aero mentors two active SHPE Jr Chapters at Trinity and Trimble Tech High School (Fort Worth). Other activities include Trinity High School TrojanTalk, Boosting Engineering Science and Technology (BEST) Robotics Competition, FIRST Robotics Competition, and re-engaging inactive SHPE Jr chapters at Diamond Hill-Jarvis and Northside High School.

Noches de Ciencias

A community event typically held at a local community center, church, or high school designed to increase the awareness of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through science activities that get students exited about STEM. In addition, bilingual parent workshops are presented that provide information on college access, preparation, and funding for their children. SHPE National prefers to hold this event anytime during Hispanic Heritage month and Engineering week. Recently, SHPE at LM Aero has held Noche de Ciencias events at Diamond Hill, Trinity, and Trimble Tech High Schools.

Si Se Puede

The Si Se Puede program was designed to help stimulate young minds and promote math, science, and engineering concepts to middle school students through one-to-one mentoring sessions. The monthly mentoring sessions teach students the basic of electronics, civil engineer, chemical engineering, and mentor assistance. At the completion of the program, the students are invited in for a factory tour of Lockheed Martin. Past participating schools are Leonard and J.P. Elder Middle Schools in Fort Worth, TX.

Lego Lab

The Lego Lab program allows middle school students to experience team work, creativity, participation and engineering in the making while learning how to build robotics with Lego kits. Volunteers may become an engineering mentor to these kids and help them inspire the passion for engineering. The participating schools are Leonard and J.P. Elder middle schools.

Elementary Engineering

The Elementary Engineering program provides elementary students an introduction about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through comprehensive presentation that explains the STEM basic concepts on a simple level. M.G. Ellis and South Hi Mount schools are current participant of this program.

Advancing Careers in Engineering (ACE)

ACE is responsible for finding and staffing events around the community that require professional engineers to serve as event officials or general staff to help promote basic engineering skill building activities. These events include SHPE Jr. Science Bowl, Future Cities Competition, and the Technology Awareness Day.

Civic Activities 

Promote the community unity and goals of the SHPE at LM Aero as well as Lockheed Martin by participating as an event official or general staff in civic events. These events include the Habitat for Humanity, Hospital Christmas Visit, DFW Airport Greet the Troops, Wellness Fair, Tarrant County Area Food Bank, and many more.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Corporate Sponsored Activities
  • National Engineers Week 
  • Space Days 
  • Lockheed Martin Factory Tours 
  • Engineers in the Classroom (EITC) Activities
For more information about the LM EITC program, visit the Lockheed Martin Engineers in the Classroom page

Dallas-Fort Worth area schools can sign up today here