SHPE Lunch and Learn with Ana Wugofski

posted Oct 8, 2015, 1:47 PM by Roberto Olono

On Monday, October 5th, the chapter continued its series of LM Executive Spotlight Talks with Ana Wugofski, Vice President of International Business Development for LM Aero.


Ana shared her personal background and professional experiences to outline her journey which was also transmitted via VTC to our sister chapter in Marietta . Her personal and professional progressions helped in transforming Ana into the world class leader she has become. She was able to show how overcoming challenges, taking risks and employing a strong work ethic propelled her and her teams into success. Ana continues her support for the STEM and Hispanic community and is a great example of the kind of leader many of our SHPE members aspire to be.


SHPE would like to thank Ana for her time, interest and contribution to the professional development of the chapter and her ongoing support of its members.


If you have any suggestions on future professional development events or speakers please contact Astrid Barajas.